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Responsibility from the Ground Up

Our business is focused on breaking new ground at every stage in the mining life cycle. From the initial relationships we build with local communities to implementing socially and environmentally responsible closure practices, we seek to find new ways to responsibly create value for all of our stakeholders.

Sustainability Reports

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2021 Responsible Gold Mining Principles Report 2021 Responsible Gold Mining Principles Report Download PDF Read More 2.51 MB
2021 Climate Change & GHG Emissions Report 2021 Climate Change & GHG Emissions Report Download PDF Read More 4.11 MB
2020 Sustainability Report 2020 Sustainability Report Download PDF Read More 8.01 MB


Our Approach to Responsible Mining

From our corporate values and our vision of “breaking new ground” to our sustainability framework, policies and Sustainability Integrated Management System (“SIMS”), we are committed to responsible mining as the foundation of our business.




Our Values


Our five core values are the foundation for how we do business, ignite our culture and underpin Eldorado’s vision of building a sustainable high-quality business in the gold sector.



Our Sustainability Framework


Eldorado’s sustainability framework embodies our pledge to incorporate sustainability from the ground up in service of our corporate vision to build a sustainable, high-quality business in the gold sector. This means we consider sustainability in everything we do, from exploration to closure, and in our relationships with customers, communities, investors and other stakeholders.

Our sustainability framework articulates our commitments to deliver on four key pillars:


Safe, Inclusive and
Innovative Operations

Engaged and Prosperous

Responsibly Produced

Healthy Environments Now and for the Future


Fostering safe and inclusive workplaces that value diversity, personal growth and innovation.

Working with our communities in a
spirit of mutual respect to grow local economies and deliver lasting opportunities.
Demonstrating respect for human rights and deliveringconflict-free, responsibly produced gold.Taking care of our environment through industry-leading practices and technology.



Our Sustainability Policies


Eldorado’s policies and commitments provide the governance for making our vision, values and framework a reality.




Our Sustainability Integrated Management System


Eldorado’s Sustainability Integrated Management System (“SIMS”) provides performance-based standards for all of our sites in the areas of occupational health and safety, environmental performance, social performance, security, and general management of sustainability topics.

SIMS was developed through a collaborative effort with direct participation from executive leadership, senior management, Mine and Country General Managers, corporate teams and a dedicated group of sustainability professionals from across Eldorado’s operating regions. SIMS integrates internally recognized voluntary standards, including the Mining Association of Canada’s Towards Sustainable Mining, the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles, the International Cyanide Management Code and the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, so that in adhering to our own standards, we are also complying with these leading frameworks.

Founded and fostered on Eldorado’s values, SIMS is a critical tool for driving sustainability performance across our business.



Reports and Disclosures

2020 Sustainability Report

Prior Years

 2017 Year in Review

 2016 Year in Review

 2015 Year in Review

 2014 Sustainability Report

 2013 Sustainability Report

 2012 Sustainability Report




Climate Change and GHG Emissions Report


RGMP Report

The World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles (“RGMP”) is a framework that sets out clear expectations for consumers, investors and the downstream gold supply chain as to what constitutes responsible gold mining and provides an additional level of assurance for our stakeholders.

Eldorado’s RGMP Report provides independent assurance that Eldorado is working to align with the RGMPs.



 2020 Report


CFG Report


We acknowledge that our license to operate includes demonstrating that gold has been extracted in a manner that does not cause, support, or benefit unlawful armed conflict, or contribute to serious human rights abuses or breaches of international humanitarian law. Eldorado is committed to this responsibility and has adopted the World Gold Council’s Conflict-Free Gold Standard.



 2020 Report

































































Tailings Disclosure


Mine tailings storage facilities are one of Eldorado’s largest potential social, environmental and economic risks, and the Company takes great care to manage all tailings facilities in accordance with standards and regulations as well as align our designs and operations to international leading practices in order to mitigate risks associated with tailings storage.

In response to recent tailings dam failures and increased stakeholder awareness regarding tailings management, including a request from the Church of England Pensions Board, Eldorado has undertaken an internal review of all its tailings facilities.

For more information on Eldorado’s tailings facilities and management please see the following documents:

Letter from the President and Chief Executive Officer

Tailings Stewardship and Facilities Overview


Global Health & Safety Directive

Eldorado is committed to creating and sustaining secure, injury free and healthy work environments for our employees, contractors and communities. Our Global Health & Safety Directive outlines our approach to achieving this vision.

Global Health & Safety Directive.

Global COVID-19 Response

As we respond to the evolving global COVID-19 pandemic, our focus remains on people and keeping our employees, their families and our local communities safe. We are committed to balancing the concerns of our employees and stakeholders with the continuity of our business. This includes following government protocols and precautions in our relevant jurisdictions to provide safe workplaces for our people.

Message from the President & CEO

“As a team, we stand in the face of adversity and together we will overcome this global crisis. Thank you for your continued commitment to each other and to Eldorado’s success. Stay safe and stay healthy.” - George Burns, President & CEO, Eldorado Gold Corporation

Global Preventative Measures

  • We have taken steps and implemented global preventative measures to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and contractors and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We are making sure that all appropriate measures are communicated to our people, and the necessary changes are implemented.

The following steps and processes have been implemented: 


·       Task observations to ensure that workplace controls in place are effective in maintaining physical distance. Procedures will be modified where necessary to create distance. Tasks that cannot be effectively modified are discontinued until an appropriate change is implemented.

·        We are advising employees to stay at home if they are at risk or have family members at home at risk.

·        We have convened a global COVID Crisis Team, which meets daily to respond to this fast-evolving and unprecedented situation. The team is comprised of Eldorado’s Senior Leadership Team, Country Managers, General Managers, and Health & Safety and Communications teams.

·        We are following recommendations of the World Health Organization, local health authorities and advice of jurisdictional governments. We have taken precautionary steps to educate our employees about the symptoms and transmission of the virus with clear instructions on what to do if they feel unwell.

·        Pre-emptive measures are in place, such as conducting thermometric testing before accessing the site, encouraging increased hand-washing and social-distancing and limiting all non-essential travel.

·        Isolation contingencies put in place, should an employee or contractor test positive for COVID-19.

·        We are limiting access to our offices and sites to essential people only to reduce unnecessary exposure.

·        We are working with local communities to distribute hygiene supplies and educate them on preventative measures to reduce the spread of the virus.

·        We are liaising closely with governments, regulators and other external stakeholders to aid business continuity during this ever-changing situation.

·        Ensuring that each of our sites has in place:

o   Systems to monitor the numbers of employees that report to work and contingency plans to best sustain operations if the number of operational employees reporting to work declines.

o   Supply chain continuity plans and associated contingency plans. Inventories of key suppliers, trade routes, and delivery times have been reviewed and remain unaffected at this time.

o   A contingency plan to protect people, the environment and our assets should our operational capacity become impacted by workforce conditions or regulatory environment.

o   Site-specific emergency response plans and crisis management plans.