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BAON today is a seasonal collection for women, men and children in the middle price segment. The main part of BAON collections (about 85%) is CASUAL clothing, 10% – FASHION-CASUAL and about 5% – ACTIVE collection.

In winter collections BAON still offers its customers a wide selection of outerwear (down jackets, jackets), as well as items of professional ski clothing. At the same time, all lines of the brand have a wide range of blouses, dresses, shirts, knitwear, t-shirts.

Clothing BAON in line with current trends. The brand adapts European fashion trends to the mentality of the Russian buyer and Russian weather conditions.

The collections are balanced in such a way that the buyer can choose a mini wardrobe from the current collections, and the whole atmosphere of the store helps to easily create a whole image. When developing collections, designers use the total look principle, complementing collections of men's, women's and children's clothing with accessories (hats, scarves, stoles, costume jewelry, bags, shoes).